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Partnership with GetYourGuide

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Partnership with GetYourGuide

How can I become a member of the GetYourGuide Partner Network?

Please fill in the partner registration request by clicking the sign-up button at the top of this page. Our partnership team will process your request and notify you as soon as it has been approved.

Please take a minute to look over the FAQ section before completing the form to ensure that you fill it out correctly, as this will speed up the process and ultimately your access to the program.

What are the benefits of joining your partner program?

By working with us you will be able to do what you love the most: Travelling, writing & earning revenue while you're at it. Some of the benefits of joining our partner program include:

  • Best conversion rate in the industry, which means more revenue
  • Easy to integrate marketing tools
  • Support from a partner success team to answer questions and help you optimise sales
  • Co-branding opportunity on all landing pages

What is the cost of becoming a GetYourGuide Partner?

Gaining access to GetYourGuide’s Partner program is free of charge and has no ongoing membership fees.

GetYourGuide offers a tiered partnership structure with 3 categories based on volumes of traffic and integration tools needed.

General affiliation is the first level of the program and offers a variety of tools including general advertising materials such as banners and widgets, and the access to a Partner Dashboard which allows tracking of your activities and results.

The advanced partnership tier is open to our top performing partners that have already established a working relationship with GetYourGuide . Advantages in this tier range from an increased commission rate to access to additional integration tools like our API.

The third tier is for selected partners that require customized solutions like API integrations.

Do you have a commitment period?

No - joining GetYourGuide is free of charge and also does not come with any obligations or a commitment period.

Can I sell GetYourGuide content as a member of any other affiliate network, such as Commission Junction or Zanox?

No, you may only sell GetYourGuide as our direct partner, which requires a sign-up on this website. We do not take part in any other affiliate networks.

I am a travel agent. Can I use the the GetYourGuide Partner & Affiliate Network?

Yes, you can use our Partner & Affiliate Network to book tours and attractions for your clients and benefit from our attractive commissions. You don't need to have your own website in order to place bookings and receive commissions. Please sign-up as an affiliate and make sure to select that type labeled Travel Agent. This way, we can ensure you gain access to our exclusive Travel Agent solutions.

Is it possible to do a sponsored post?

No, from previous partnerships we have seen that affiliate partners generate more revenue from their links in the long term, therefore it is only fair to share our revenue with our partners as this number might be much higher than any upfront payment.

Tracking & Payment of Commissions

What is the payment modell?

The payment model of our affiliate program is Cost Per Aquisition (CPA) - this means that you will earn a commission on every booking that is made from your links/widgets.

How does payment work?

Your commission earnings will be transferred to the bank account you provided in the Partner Dashboard on the 5th of each month. You should only ask us to pay if the balance of your accumulated commission is higher than 50 GBP/USD/EUR. We do this to avoid unnecessary bank charges. Your commission is transferred only for conducted tours to avoid tour cancellations.

How long will it take until I see a return/profit?

The sooner you integrate the quicker you will start generating visits - between 3-5% of your visits are expected to turn into paying customers. To optimize integration we have created a best practice guide with our best tips and tricks for integration.

How does the tracking work?

After you are registered with the GetYourGuide Partner Network, you will be assigned a Partner ID, which we will use to track visitors coming from your website to GetYourGuide via a tracking cookie. Your Partner ID will be automatically linked to any of our advertisements, which are available for your use in the Partner Dashboard. The performance of the Partner Integration is shown in the Partner Dashboard.

What are my affiliate commissions?

Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive a base commission of 8%. You will receive more details on the commission tier after you sign up.

How do I track different placements within my website?

To track different placements within your website, you can use our campaign parameter. Simply add it at the end of your target url using the parameter "&cmp=". For example, if your placement is called "email_special", the url would be http://...&partner_id=1234&cmp=email_special. The name of this placement will be listed in your analytics and accounting data labeled as "campaign". You will be able to track visits, bookings, and conversion rate for each individual placement.

Will purchases in the app also be attributed?

Yes. If a deep link to a location within the GetYourGuide app has a valid Partner ID or if a customer visits the GetYourGuide website with a valid Partner ID and installs the GetYourGuide app via the banner, purchases within 24 hours will be attributed.

Why my partner ID disappears in the landing page URL?

The URL of the search result page has a different structure and partner ID will not be shown there. When you land on GetYourGuide, a browser tracking cookie will be generated and stored for 31 days. The fact that the partner ID is not shown in the URL will not affect your commission.

Product Integration

Is it difficult to integrate GetYourGuide content?

Our easy-to-integrate widgets and links are simple solutions for destination websites, blogs, travel communities, and tourist boards. Depending on the complexity of your website, it is possible to integrate them in as little as 30 minutes.