New and improved: the GetYourGuide WordPress plugin

One of the most popular content management systems on the web, WordPress is a go-to site for travel writers. With this in mind, we updated the GetYourGuide WordPress plugin so you can easily insert widgets into either the traditional WordPress editor or the new Gutenberg editor. Read more to learn the top three ways this plugin will benefit your site.

WordPress general

1- Drag and drop widgets directly into posts

Place widgets anywhere you like — all you have to do is drag and drop. We recommend placing a widget after the first or second paragraph so your readers spot it right away. And if you’re not quite sure what works best, test out different placements to see what has a higher conversion rate.

2- Configure and customize easily

Tailoring widgets to your site has never been easier. With the plugin, you can customize a variety of parameters such as search queries, number of results, and language. Search queries can even give results based on the IATA code or latitude and longitude of the location you’re writing about.

WordPress classic

3- Integrate widgets seamlessly within posts

The plugin keeps you flexible. Want to add another paragraph to your post? No problem. Widgets dynamically adjust as you work so you don’t waste time tinkering with placement. What’s more: the plugin is available in all three widget options: activities, city, and search.

WordPress city

Download the plugin here.

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